Radiant Heat Costs


A radiant heating system will be more expensive to install than a traditional forced air system, but the benefits and energy savings more than make up for the initial cost for most people. A radiant system will typically cost about $3.00-$12.00 per sq. ft. to install, depending on the type of installation and the project demands. But that number could increase and decrease depending on your exact system.

Energy Savings

Radiant heating systems are about 10-30% more efficient than conventional heating systems, which means money directly to your pocket. It is able to deliver a reduced amount of heat directly where you want it, and have a better comfort level than traditional forced air systems.

Bottom Line

Radiant heating systems are more of a luxury heating system, but when you look at the overall economics of it, they do pay off overtime with the energy they save on heating. The heat is also much more comfortable, which is priceless for many people.

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