The System Faq

What maintenance is required for a radiant heating system?

Radiant heating systems generally have very little maintenance and upkeep. The majority of maintenance items comes from the pumps and boilers, which are getting better and better when it comes to maintenance. The system does require a flush and re-fill every 7-10 years of the water and glycol, but other than that the systems are generally maintenance-free.

What kind of fuel sources can be used with a radiant system?

Generally any standard fuel system can be used in a radiant system, because all the system needs is heated water. So natural gas, propane, electric, wood, geothermal, etc. can all be used very effectively with radiant heat. The specific site will dictate which heat source will work best with your radiant system.

What is circulated through the floor?

A mixture of glycol and water is the usual substance that is circulated through a radiant system. The glycol is just an environmentally friendly anti-freeze. The exact substance of the mixture will also depend on location, because some mixtures work better than others in a certain area.

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