Improved Comfort Level

With a radiant heat system, heat is spread evenly over the entire floor, which heats the room more comfortably and evenly. This allows you to feel warmer, even with a lower ambient air temperature. There are no cold drafts or blowers to make cold spots in a room. It also does not dry out the air, which can be very nice during cold, dry winters. Also because no air is blown; pollen, dirt, dust and germs are not constantly spread through the house.

Allergy Relief

Because there are no vents or forced air movement through the house, airborne allergens don’t get circulated through the house. This means a huge relief for people who suffer from seasonal allergies.

Energy Efficiency

It is estimated that a radiant heating system is 10-30% more efficient than a traditional system. This is because the room is evenly heated, and therefore more comfortable at a lower air temperature. There is also no energy lost to duct work, or unused heat rising through the ceiling, as compared to the traditional forced air system.

No Visible Components

The radiant heating system is installed in or beneath the floor, so there are no vents or other components to worry about. It does not take up any extra space in a room, or obstruct with decorating layouts. This also means no vents to clean and dust.

Noise Reduction

With a radiant system, there is a large reduction in noise as compared to the traditional system, because of the liquid being circulated through the floor, not air being blown by loud fans through a large, noisy duct system.

Environmentally Friendly

Radiant heating systems also emit no greenhouse gasses, which is great for the environment.

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