Installation & Building Faq

Where can these systems be installed?

Virtually anywhere. There are several ways to tap into the earth’s energy and a site specific review will determine the most cost effective way.

Can Geothermal Heat Pumps be installed in retrofit situations?

Yes, but some structures and locations are more ideal than others. The existing distribution will need to be able to be compatible with the lower temperatures of geothermal (120 Fahrenheit). Radiant floors are an ideal distribution system. High temp radiators are not ideal and some type of supplemental heat would be required.

Can geothermal heating be used with forced air distribution?

Yes, but the duct work should be sized for a larger volume of air than would be used with a furnace. The lower temperature air that will be distributed to the room needs to be delivered in greater quantities than the high temp air a furnace provides. The comfort level of geothermal systems exceeds that of a furnace because the air is not as dry, there is more air exchange and fewer cold or hot spots in the home.

How far apart are the trenches spaced in a horizontal loop system?

In a horizontal loop system, the trenches are usually spaced 6-10 feet apart, depending on the terrain and soil characteristics.

How far are the boreholes in a vertical loop system spaced?

All the boreholes in a vertical loop system are typically spaced about 10-15 feet apart, which also depends on the terrain and soil composition.

How is the system sized?

The systems are generally sized based off the heating load needed in the house and the climate of the area. But many considerations come into play in determining that size. Soil composition, structure size and layout, area, and land size all play a role in determining the size of an individual system.

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