Environment & Climate Faq

Is geothermal heating considered renewable energy?

Absolutely! It uses the heat that is from the sun and stored in the earth to heat your home. It is considered clean, green and renewable energy. There is no fossil fuels burned, combustion, or dependency on a finite fuel source. It only uses electricity to run the heat pump, and that also can come from many different renewable sources as our electric grid starts to change and develop.

Do GSHPs protect the environment?

Yes they do. The GSHP system runs very efficiently to provide climate control from renewable energy, which lowers emissions. It does not burn fossil fuels and is a completely enclosed system, so no dangerous gases are released into your home or the environment. All the refrigeration systems are factory-sealed, so they seldom or never have to be recharged, which also protects our environment.

Can a geothermal heating system still work in climates with frozen soil?

Absolutely! That is the exact environment where we are thriving in. Winters in Montana are very harsh, and the soil is probably frozen for over half of the year. But because the ground loops are installed below the freeze line (usually 6-8 feet in depth, depending on soil type), the changing temperatures above ground do not effect the heating capabilities.

Can I use the GSHP for snow melt capabilities?

Yes, the geothermal systems can be effectively used to provide the heat for snow melt systems.

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